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The Working Mompreneur with Candace Spears

The Working Mompreneur with Candace Spears

May 6, 2020
Join me as I chat with Candace Spears. She is a multi -passionate entrepreneur who said goodbye to Corporate America and hello to building businesses and impacting lives full-time. She's a wife and a mom of 3 girls. 
Candace is a Digital Marketing Mompreneur. She coaches moms and helps them to form businesses. She is the host of the daily podcast Ambition, Honey, and Hustle.
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See How the Matter will Fall with Pastor Kristy Lyles

See How the Matter will Fall with Pastor Kristy Lyles

April 29, 2020

Oh what a treat we have one the podcast this week!! Today I will sit down and chat with one of my favorites Pastor Kristy Lyles.⁣
⁣Kristy is a Christian Inspirational speaker, prophetic teacher, and certified life coach. She Pastors along side her husband at The Outpour Christian Church in Dallas Texas area where she currently resides. She is the founder of Virtuous Reality Inc. She is the Author of “Dating with Discernment” ⁣
Her passion is to spread messages that both encourage and empower women, and she avidly promotes their ability to walk in Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.

To connect with Pastor Kristy follow her on facebook @ Kristy Butler Lyles and instagram @KristyLyles


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Run For Your Life with Prophetess Tiffany Morriar

Run For Your Life with Prophetess Tiffany Morriar

April 22, 2020

Hey MVP's!!! Join me for this in depth and raw conversation with Prophetess Tiffany Morriar. Tiffany is the Founder and Ceo of Glam Empowerment Network. Author of the book "Womanology". Prophetess,Mentor, and Coach. For more information: / 

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Change your story with Kirstin Leigh

Change your story with Kirstin Leigh

April 15, 2020

Join me today as I chat with Kirstin Leigh a dynamic speaker, writer, and singer. Kirstin Leigh's, CHANGE YOUR STORY, gives us hope that we can change the channel at any point in our journey and find a life full of meaning and strength. Kirstin battled with Addiction for over a decade, mainly in secret. Almost dying of alcohol poisoning 3 times . Tune in and listen to how Gods changed her story!

For more info check out her

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Start where you are with Rashawn Copeland

Start where you are with Rashawn Copeland

April 8, 2020

He started with, Being sexually abused at age 11. He started with... Being shot down at age 17 left for dead. He started with... Being addicted to sex, money, porn, and fame. He started with... anxiety, depression, and a whole lot of pride. God met him there. Join me as I chat with the amazing story teller Rashawn Copeland. A true testament of Gods restoration. 

You can find him on Twitter @HypeSir7. Instagram:@Hypesir 

For more information on His new book Forwarded by Manny Pacquiao Log onto:

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Your Steps are Ordered with Trenee’ McGee

Your Steps are Ordered with Trenee’ McGee

April 1, 2020

Today on the show, I interview child actress turned politician Trenee' McGee. As a child she was an actress and model, working for the likes of Target, Nick Jr.,Sesame Street and the list goes on. She is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College. Today her role is councilwoman, 7th district- West Haven Connecticut. I especially enjoyed listening to her story because it was one of such strong pursuit of Destiny! She has knocked down barriers and is the youngest person to ever hold her title in West Haven Connecticut. A role that she herself wasn't even trying to achieve but one that God pushed her into. Listen in!!!

Check In

Check In

March 25, 2020

This is a mini episode. As we are all home during covid 19 I wanted to check in and give encouragement on how to stay productive. 

Faith & Fight

Faith & Fight

March 18, 2020

Hey MVP's!! Thanks for sharing your Weds with me! or whatever day you chose to come on and listen, this episode is one focused on Believing God for the Miracles in our lives! Are you waiting on a promise that has yet to be fulfilled?? Don't loose your FAITH!! Don't be afraid to FIGHT for what is promised to you and no I'm not referring  to a physical fight but a spiritual fight! 

Therapy: Myths vs Truth with Mariyah Charlton LPC

Therapy: Myths vs Truth with Mariyah Charlton LPC

February 19, 2020

This week we sit down with licensed Counsler Mariyah Charlton. She comes to educate us on Therapy. Many of us grew up hearing that therapy was for people with issues or for “Crazy People” this week we learn that it’s for everyone! We talk about lots of myths and learn lots of truths. This is a very informative episode. 

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Focus on Destiny

Focus on Destiny

February 12, 2020

We all have a destiny! It helps to be focused on it.

Destiny is the larger picture. The answer to why you are here.

This week we close out our series “Chasing Destiny”. We’ve dedicated weeks to this and now I feel like we have a lot of ammunition to work with.

Don’t count yourself out when you get a “Big” vision from God. Do you have dreams that you think are too large for you to achieve? Well if God gave you that dream, it means he’s going to give you the drive to achieve it. Don’t focus on the bigger picture but focus on the little steps that will get you to the bigger picture. Give it all you’ve got!

Be encouraged MVPS!!!! You’ve got this!


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