Moments of Joy
It’s Preparation Time

It’s Preparation Time

July 31, 2020

I have a timely prophetic word for the month of August. It is time to prepare to receive your blessing! What you prepare will be what sustains you. 


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Replay: Dear Mommy You are strong 2018

Replay: Dear Mommy You are strong 2018

July 15, 2020

Today is a replay of our top episode. Recorded in Aug 2018

Thank you for listening!    This weeks episode is dedicated to the mother. So many things weigh heavy on our hearts daily that we have to work through, continue to provide through etc.    Be Strong! Strength is who you are!!   Dear Mommy: A Note to mothers    This week Camille discusses child health issues and custody battles. 

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Let’s chat about Speech Pathology

Let’s chat about Speech Pathology

July 8, 2020

Hey Mvps! 

This episode will be very informative for us all. Im sitting down with speech pathologist Camille Boyd. Mvps you know that Im on a journey to learn more about autism do to my sons diagnosis and the services provided. Speech Pathology is one of the services that not only help autistic kids but all kids. 

After 30 years in the education industry as a former teacher and practicing Speech/Language Pathologist and Speaker, Camille Boyd saw the needs of children, parents and educators evolve. Now, she  shares her passion by helping others TAKE BACK THEIR POWER.  She has helped many  children, families and schools see success by using simple steps to build Kindness Learning Communities  (KLC) that create, reinforce and maintain personal identity,  student safety and accountability partnerships.Camille's presentations  are designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to Camille Boyd  today about how she can support your growth, and put you on a solid track to success 

You can connect with her at

Young, Black and Educated with Edward Ford Jr. & Dionnie Edwards

Young, Black and Educated with Edward Ford Jr. & Dionnie Edwards

July 1, 2020

What a treat! today for the first time, I have 2 guests! We dive into a very powerful conversation about recent events, being black in America and how we can grow from this. Whether you are black, white, hispanic, asian, whatever I encourage you to join the conversation. 

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To Build Or Not To Build

To Build Or Not To Build

June 24, 2020

 As I was preparing the episode I was shifted just a little. This week we will explore the need for laying a firm foundation before we build any kind of business or ministry. Before we build anything as a Christian Entrepreneur we need to address the things that can potentially take the whole vision down at the root. Let's get into it.


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Your gift will make room for you with Monique Rodriguez

Your gift will make room for you with Monique Rodriguez

June 10, 2020

Hey MVP's 

This week we have a special gem so please Share Share Share!

Special Guest Monique Rodriguez owner and founder of Mielle Organics Hair Care. She went from being a Registered Nurse to building a Multi-Million dollar hair company. Monique shares bits of her amazing testimony with us and leaves us with a few golden nuggets of encouragement. Follow Monique on social media at: @exquisitemo & @MielleOrganics 

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Choose Joy Reminder

Choose Joy Reminder

June 3, 2020

Just a quick not as we are going through very difficult times to remember to choose love and choose joy! Love you MVP"s 


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Use your weapons with Jada Lynn Cross

Use your weapons with Jada Lynn Cross

May 27, 2020

Join me as I chat with the amazing Jada Lynn Cross. I met Jada as an MVP listener on instagram. She is from Ohio. She's an amazing you-tuber and podcaster. I was very compelled to have her come on the show and share with you guys. Weekly I watch her stories and she is always encouraging people! I thought it would be amazing to have her come on and encourage you guys! your in for a treat. Listen in.......


For more info you can check her out on You Tube at

Perspective with Jada Lynn Cross Podcast

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Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

May 20, 2020

This week I woke up and a song from an old favorite movie of mine was ringing in my head. Believe in yourself by Lena Horna. Before we can expect anyone to believe kin us we've got to believe in ourselves. That's my encouragement for the week. You can do anything that you put your mind to and you MUST first be your own cheerleader! 


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Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020

May 13, 2020

I spent so many years crying on Mother’s Day. I was waiting on a promise from God and every Mother’s Day I was reminded that it still wasn’t my reality. I was grieving instead of being happy and allowing celebrations was low in spirit.
I pray that this Mothers Day 2020 every woman that is sad would remember that God is still going to fulfill his promise to you!
He is faithful!!! I’m a living witness.