Moments of Joy

See How the Matter will Fall with Pastor Kristy Lyles

April 29, 2020

Oh what a treat we have one the podcast this week!! Today I will sit down and chat with one of my favorites Pastor Kristy Lyles.⁣
⁣Kristy is a Christian Inspirational speaker, prophetic teacher, and certified life coach. She Pastors along side her husband at The Outpour Christian Church in Dallas Texas area where she currently resides. She is the founder of Virtuous Reality Inc. She is the Author of “Dating with Discernment” ⁣
Her passion is to spread messages that both encourage and empower women, and she avidly promotes their ability to walk in Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.

To connect with Pastor Kristy follow her on facebook @ Kristy Butler Lyles and instagram @KristyLyles


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